Between Light and Letter

Between Light and Letter

Dunja Baus, Majero Bouman, and Alex Laverick

Between Light and Letter  is a laser lit hologram generated from a 3-D model using a pulse laser. It is the second algorithm in the Holographic Poetics Series.

In 3 words, the first in the Series, different angles of the scene and unseen shift in parallax as the “reader” moves her body to view a cascade of letters playfully interrupting and insinuating significant phonetic nodes.

Between Light and Letter invites readers to consider nuances—shadows in formation—in the body and language as both e/merge at the intersection of memory and desire. It evokes “the unthought known” [Christopher Bollas], the unsayable in the rustle of language, where art meets science, on the other side of sound.

Special thanks to the Photon League for their continued support.


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