Speed Dating for Art-Science Collaborations

Arts Meets Science – Speed Dating for Art-Science Collaborations


Do you harbour a hidden artistic passion? Or maybe deep down inside you there is a scientist longing to get out? No matter what your discipline, the Art Meets Science Speed Dating event is a chance to let your alter-ego loose.

Everyone is welcome to this lively Speed Dating event. Tell us what you love the most about your work! Meet people from other disciplines and get the inspiration (and permission) to create something that you’d never make alone.

A prominent feature of the Art Meets Science Series is the Ambi-valent Objects Exhibit scheduled for October 5-16, 2009. This exhibit offers an experimental remixing of an art gallery with a science fair, and will feature collaborations by a diverse body of York students. The assignment: find a collaborator and generate a project whose status as a work of science or a work of art is ambiguous.

Whatever your background, we encourage you to join us at the Speed Dating event in order to plant the seeds for collaboration and germinate lively discussion. Our hope is that this event will help you meet your match and initiate a collaboration so that you too can contribute to the upcoming Ambi-valent Objects Exhibit.

More videos of the successful Speed Dating Event which took place on the 1st of April 2009, can be found on the “artmeetscience” YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/artmeetscience)

Sponsors: Faculties of Arts, Fine Arts, and Science & Engineering; Founders College; Department of Biology; Centre for Vision Research; and Program in Science & Technology Studies


~ by Elissa on March 15, 2009.

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