Ambi-valent Objects

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Art Meets Science Plenary Lectures, September 30

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artmeetsscience plenary poster

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Sound in Silence

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sound-in-silence-promotional-image-smallGwen Dobie, Assistant Professor, Department of Theatre, Faculty of Fine Arts

William Mackwood, Assistant Professor, Department of Dance, Faculty of Fine Arts

Gwen Dobie- Artistic Director of Out of the Box Productions- a dancer, creator, producer, director, teacher who has thrived in the arts in Canada; a Professor of Theatre at York University; a woman who lives and creates with deafness.

As a child, Ototoxic drugs were prescribed to Gwen to control chronic ear infections. Ototoxic drugs damage the hair cells in the cochlea – the hearing organ in the inner ear – and/or the auditory nerve, which carries sound information processed by the cochlea to the brain. This type of hearing loss is known as sensorineural hearing loss. Sensorineural hearing loss is usually permanent. For twenty-five years, Gwen lived in a world of silence. Continue reading ‘Sound in Silence’

April 1: Speed Dating for Art Science Collaborations

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Speed Dating for Art-Science Collaborations

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Arts Meets Science – Speed Dating for Art-Science Collaborations


Do you harbour a hidden artistic passion? Or maybe deep down inside you there is a scientist longing to get out? No matter what your discipline, the Art Meets Science Speed Dating event is a chance to let your alter-ego loose.

Everyone is welcome to this lively Speed Dating event. Tell us what you love the most about your work! Meet people from other disciplines and get the inspiration (and permission) to create something that you’d never make alone. Continue reading ‘Speed Dating for Art-Science Collaborations’